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Status: Civil Unions. Constitutional amendment banning marriage equality.

Civil unions are offered in Colorado, providing the state level benefits and obligations associated with marriage. Civil unions were passed by the legislature and went into effect in May 2013.

In Brinkman v. Long, a same-sex couple represented by private counsel are challenging Colorado’s marriage ban in state court.  The plaintiffs argue that denying them access to marriage violates their rights under both the Colorado and U.S. Constitutions.  On July 9, 2014, the court struck down the state's ban on marriage equality.  The judge stayed his decision pending an appeal. 

In McDaniel-Miccio et al. v State of Colorado, a group of married same-sex couples challenge that Colorado laws prohibit state recognition of their valid out-of-state marriages, while several unmarried couples are challenging the state’s prohibition on marriage equality. The complaint was filed in February 2014.